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I entered a Youtube Talent show for my college with this cover of “Poison & Wine” with my friend Tim, and in order to make it to the live shows, my video has to have the most votes or “likes”.  

If you enjoy the video, PLEASEEE go to the HRL Youtube Talent Show Facebook page and like the link posted by Tim Houston.  Every little vote counts, and means the absolute world to me.  Thank you so much!



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she’s getting stronger


she’s getting stronger

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i mean could he be anymore in character?

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I’d like it lots and lots and lots if you watched my new cover of Tori Kelly’s amazing song, Daydream. 

Let me know what you think, and every little share counts! Thank you tons :)

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What I think is so perfect about this scene is Anna is surrounded by three people who ALL love her - in three distinctly different ways. Anyone who says Kristoff or Olaf was gratuitous, I don’t think it’s a mistake that when she is frozen, Anna had these people come to her aid.

Olaf represents the purest form of friendship-love.

Kristoff is romantic love - the style that usually saves the day in a Disney film.

But the true love, the most amazing and greatest bond of all, is that of her sister, who throws herself on Anna in complete dismay.

An act of true love, indeed.

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This time we felt musically stronger, but at the same time, that pressure is back on, you know, we matched the second one- we’re back to Take Me Home album, naked, recording.” - Niall

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